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Top 7 Reasons Why People Don't Set Goals

Top 7 Reasons Why People Don't Set Goals

Gavin Ingham

Whether for business, career, health, finance, social or hobbies, everyone knows and understands the power of goal setting. For years, experts and gurus have carped on about the value of setting goals. For decades, authors and speakers have written books and created programs about goal setting. Everyone knows that they should set goals to help them to achieve their aims and objectives…

So why is it then that so many people don’t set goals when they know that they should?

Well its certainly not through lack of education! Whenever I attend a seminar, from investing in property to building your business, the subject of goals and goal setting seems to get mentioned. Sometimes in detail, sometimes in passing but its nearly always present. And every time it heralds an orgasmic groan from 80%+ of the keen audience. They have heard it all before…

SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timed

Yeah, got it thanks pal!

Well Formed Outcomes from NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Yeah, done that one too buddy!

The Yale Study

The 3% with written goals achieved more than the other 97% put together. Yawn! Yeah, heard that one too. Got anything else? (Interestingly, that one is more than likely not true by the way but more of that another day).

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So it’s certainly not lack of education or knowledge that stops people from setting goals.

Perhaps its lack of time then.

That’s what a lot of people say. Yes, that must be it, people don’t have time to set goals. They don’t have time to write them down. They don’t have time to review them regularly. They don’t have time to change their habitual actions.

Yes, that’s it…

But then again, perhaps not! Figures (looked up rapidly on the web – stats attributed to Nielsen Media Research Inc.) suggest that the average person in the US watches 28 hours of television every week. The figure in the UK was stated as even higher at 32 hours per week. So even if we allocated a generous 1 hour for reviewing and revising goals every week and allowed 30 minutes of visualization exercises every day there would still be plenty of time left to ensure that you did not miss your favorite programs!

So not lack of time then.

So what is it, really, that stops people setting goals? The truth is that there are probably many, many reasons but I decided to share with you the top 7 reasons from my experience as to why people don’t set goals…

Reason #1 Lack of belief & skepticism