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Referrals Are the King of Marketing—But Not for You

Referrals Are the King of Marketing—But Not for You

Paul McCord

Are you one of the more than 85% of all salespeople, professionals and business owners who are finding it difficult to get quality referrals from your customers and clients or, worse, have simply given up even asking for them?

Is your pipeline hurting? Are you beating the bushes for new clients without success?

Are you wondering how in the world you’re going to survive with a recession on the horizon when things are this tough now?

You’re not alone. There are millions of salespeople, professionals and business owners in the same predicament. And more are joining you every day.

Despite the slowing economy, the increased competition, the seemingly never ending bad news about the economy, and the havoc these wreck upon your psyche, there are ways to generate a solid, consistent, quality base of prospects—even in the worst economy.

Referrals from your current client base to others who know, trust and respect your clients are the single best marketing method you have at your disposal. Yes, even for the 85% of salespeople, professionals, and business owners who have found referrals to be almost impossible to generate—or who have given up on them.

Salespeople and sales trainers have spent decades studying the various aspects of selling. Salespeople and companies will spend millions upon millions of dollars this year studying the intricacies of cold calling. Millions more will be invested in learning how to overcome objections, how to write the prefect direct mail piece, how to close, what questions to ask, how to persuade, how to negotiate, how to network effectively, and dozens of other strategies and techniques of the sales process.

Yet, almost nothing will be spent on learning how to generate referrals.

Why? Why do salespeople, companies and sales trainers take the most effective and most cost efficient marketing method there is so lightly? Why do they invest so little time and energy on the most important prospect generation tool a salesperson has?

The problem with getting referrals isn’t with the concept of referrals or with your clients or even with you. The problem with generating referrals is that you and almost everyone else has treated referrals as nothing more than a question tossed at your client at the end of the sale. If you are like most you’ve been taught that referrals are an after-thought, a simple request, nothing more than a last second question.

The root of the problem is a complete misunderstanding of referrals. Referrals are treated as a sideshow to selling-when it fact they should be in the center ring. They’re treated as nothing more than a question-when in fact they are a process. They are viewed as nothing more than a simple request-when in fact that question is tied to the very psychology and personal image of your client.