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Get Ahead Without Improving Your Performance

Get Ahead Without Improving Your Performance

Jeff Hindenach | SalesHQ

Are you working hard at the office, but keep getting passed up for those important promotions? Sometimes, being a star at work isn’t only about doing your job right. Just like successful job searching, getting ahead at work is all about networking. While being smart and good at your job go a long way, office politics can end up deciding who actually gets promoted at your office.

Not sure how to play politics at the office? We’ve developed this guide to help you navigate the choppy waters of your workplace.

Be Engaged

The biggest key to networking at the office comes down to one factor: Being liked. If your coworkers and bosses like you, they will want to work more closely with you. The office is no place to be a wallflower. Make sure people know your name. Even if it’s just your coworkers, those coworkers could eventually be your bosses.

What to do: Humor can be your greatest asset. Get involved in meaningless office banter. Laugh at your coworkers’ stupid jokes. Offer to grab coffee for everyone, or bring in bagels one morning a month. Enter office pools or competitions, and find ways to team up with potential buddies. Find any way you can to interact with your coworkers on a personal level.

Don’t Say No to Happy Hour

After a tough day at work, all you want to do is go home and sleep, right? But don’t be too hasty to blow off a scheduled (or unscheduled) work happy hour for your bed. Most of your coworkers will be winding down from the stressful day and getting a little tipsy, which can be a perfect combination to help you learn the most interesting things about your coworkers. Also, when your boss lets down his inhibitions, it’s a great time for some work bonding.

What to do: Offer to buy your boss a drink. He’s almost required to chat a bit with you at that point. Start with small talk. The further into his drink he gets, the easier it will be to talk freely about work. Just don’t get actually drunk in your effort to bond! Nurse your drink and have a glass of water to sip from while you’re drinking.

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