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Overcoming 4 Common Cold Call Objections

Gavin Ingham

“I use someone else!”

This is a very common objection and one which salespeople and business owners can get very upset about. What they often hear in their heads is, “So I have no need for you!”

Try replacing that self-talk with, “Yes, and?” Obviously, you’re not going to say that out loud but that’s what you need to think to yourself!

Clients change suppliers all of the time. Clients moan about their suppliers all of the time. Clients have problems and challenges with their suppliers all of the time. Most clients are not totally happy with their existing suppliers. So this “objection” is actually an invite…

Try, “That’s great John and I am not asking you to change now, merely have a look at what we do. Problem is, I’m really busy at the moment and I won’t be able to come and see you for at least…”

“I’m happy with my existing supplier!”

Yeah, righto! That old chestnut. They might be happy, but they more than likely aren’t. Either way, it makes no odds to a sales superstar. You do not want to displace the existing supplier anyway. Not yet and not at this stage.

You haven’t even decided if you want to work with this client yet so how can they make an informed decision about you and your services?

All good companies stay abreast of what’s going on in the marketplace. Just because they are in an existing supplier relationship does not mean that they don’t keep their eyes open for alternatives and back-ups. Doing otherwise would be foolish.


“Many of my clients were happy with their existing suppliers when I first spoke to them and they found it really useful to assess our approach, using it as a benchmark to ensure that they were getting the best possible solutions from their existing suppliers.”

“I’ve got no budget!”

This is probably a lie. How can a client know if they have a budget before they speak to you? In any case, budget for what? You haven’t even had a conversation yet.


“At this point most of my competitors would ask you when you will have a budget and arrange to call you back then, however, I believe that business is built on relationships and I’d still like to come and see you now. How’s your diary looking…?”

“Is this a sales call?”

This objection is just an attempt to make you feel bad. For many salespeople this is tantamount to the client asking, “Are you the shit on my shoe?”

Don’t fan small flames. Take a moment and calm yourself. Dealing with this is so simple, “No, the reason for my call is to introduce myself…”