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9 Ways to Create a Positive Customer Experience

Colleen Francis

7. Use friendly, warm words. When you use simple language instead of formal “business speak,” people respond better and trust you more. So limit your words to three syllables max. And don’t try to impress prospects with your extensive vocabulary, or you may end up just sounding fake.

8. Use people’s names. When it comes to using names, there are just two rules to follow: first, be aware of whether they’re more comfortable with first name only or title + last name; second, never overuse their name – this only sounds corny and false. Dale Carnegie once said, “nothing is so beautiful to a person as the sound of their own name.” Just use your discretion.

9. Ask the right questions. Successfully building agreement with your prospects depends on your ability to ask the right questions. What are the right questions? Those that move the prospect from an intellectual position of knowing they have a problem that needs to be solved, to an emotional state of trusting you to solve that problem in a way that will satisfy them.

In short, the right questions are those that reveal true buying motivations. Mastering the right questions will ensure that you and your client build a strong relationship, wherein you can both succeed – and profit!

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