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Meet Our All-Star Team: SalesHQ Featured Writers

You want sales experts? We’ve got sales experts – a passel of them who have agreed to share their secrets with SalesHQ readers. Check out our featured writers below, and make sure to tell them what you’re thinking.

Leslie Buterin

“Cold Calling: Like a Game of Table Tennis”

“Something Strange Happening in Sales”

“$13 Million Found with This Sales Strategy”


Jonathan Farrington

“How to Deal Effectively with Objections”

“Personal Goal Settings: The Essentials”

“Eight Reasons Why Salespeople Fail”


Debra Fine

“Tips for Making Small Talk Success”

“How to Make a Good First Impression”

“Business Networking Skills”


Colleen Francis

“Objection Handling: I Have to Take Your Proposal to My Manager!”

“Build a Sales Team Your Customers Love to Buy From”

“Searching for Excellence: 4 Tips for Improving Your Sales Team’s Success”


Ari Galper

“Bait and Switch, Selling and Telling the Truth”

“Top 7 Tips on Tearing Down The ‘Wall of Defensiveness’”

“Top 7 Ways to Get to the Truth: When the Sale ‘Disappears’”


Shane Gibson

“Team Selling Happens When You Sell the Team”

“12 Steps to Making the World Your Networking Function”

“Positive Affirmations for Salespeople”


Jill Konrath

“Beyond Value: How to Become Invaluable to Your Customers”

“Why ‘Embracing Rejection’ is Stupid!”

“A Candid Letter From Your Prospective Customer”


Paul McCord

“Making Giving Quality Referrals Easy for Your Client”

“Book Review: Sales Essentials by Stephan Schiffman”

“The Value of Sales Leads: A Perspective From the Trenches”


Anne Miller

“Death by PowerPoint”

“When Is a Close a Close?”

“Negotiation: Don’t Get Stung”


Keith Rosen

“Developing Your MVP

“Costly Assumptions”

“Top Ten Steps To Effective Delegation”