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Sociable! Integrating Social Media Into Your Sales Process

Sociable! Integrating Social  Media Into Your Sales Process

Shane Gibson

Today your front desk secretary who operates your customer service account on Twitter can have a larger positive impact on your brand than the transit ads you run, or the direct mail campaigns you execute. A junior executive who lands on a competitor’s blog and posts the wrong comments can undo your positive branding and marketing efforts in one click as well.

Being a highly effective but also hard to control marketing tool, many senior sales executives are opting not to use Social Media to drive business. Some people will claim that there are no case studies measuring or quantifying Social Media Marketing, but this is far from the truth. There are numerous documented social media success stories from companies such as Comcast, Ford, and individual entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk of (From $4 million in sales to over $40 million in sales using video blogging, Twitter, etc.)

“Social media is making past management approaches obsolete. The new strategies must recognize that the new backbones of influence are now networks of ordinary people.” – Peter Aceto, CEO of ING Direct (From May 12th 2009)

Social Media Tools and Networks are a significant force that is growing. We cannot afford to avoid using them. In sales the key is to be where the customers are, and your customers are on these networks. The truth is in the numbers:

● Facebook: 190 Million People
● Twitter: 6.5 Million People 1.3 billion messages/year and growing
● Youtube: 1 Billion Views Per Day (2nd biggest search engine behind

The consumer is already talking about your brand online, and if you’re not online listening and engaging, you have lost control of your brand. The great news is that, by getting pro-active, you can begin to positively direct and amplify these online conversations, and develop relationships that can turn into clients.

In order to profit over the long-term from social media we need to have a well thought out plan.

Here are 6 steps to implementing social media into your sales process: