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An Essential Guide to Measuring Sales Performance

An Essential Guide to Measuring Sales Performance

Research and Markets

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Guide to Measuring Sales Performance” report to their offering.

Over 60% of our client and vendor references have indicated that they do not have a sales performance measurement program in place, but intend to implement one within the next six to 12 months. Of the 40% that say they do measure sales performance, many of them have limited measurement capabilities, mostly in the form of trailing indicators, such as performance against quota. This report provides the ability for companies (and vendors) to benchmark and measure sales performance and determine their ROI for sales training.

With so many sales organizations performing so poorly, more money should be invested in performance improvement consulting, methodology and process work and training programs. But it isn’t. One major reason is the inability of most vendors and customer to construct a credible business case that will result in adequate funding.

While it sounds simple on the surface, a sound sales performance measurement program must not only consider history but provide predictive, actionable metrics to management. The program needs to show trends over time, and enable sales management to determine the effects on various different performance improvement programs (from training to sales support software tools to compensation packages). The measurement program must be comprehensive, accurate, objective and provide useful information to management.

Also, any measurement program needs to be able to determine the effect of internal performance improvement factors from external company, and broader market and environmental factors.

While there are many ways to skin the cat, there are several key components that are crucial to a successful measurement program. ESR has defined these key components.

Why Invest in this Report?

It will:

  1. Provide you with clear guidance on how to measure the performance of your sales team
  2. Enable you to create a business case for investments in sales performance improvement
  3. Provide you with key metrics tracked by best-in-class companies
  4. Enable you to calculate the total cost of sales training enable you to calculate your ROI on sales training and sales development
  5. Provide you with guidelines for continuous measurement
  6. Help you understand the relationship between metrics and behaviour
  7. Provide you with a detailed performance measurement implementation plan
  8. Give you strategies and tactics for communication to your team
  9. Assist you with benchmarking your current capabilities
  10. Educate you on how to leverage certification programs

What You Will Receive:

  1. A comprehensive report on this mission critical subject for sales leaders
  2. A measurement framework
  3. An implementation guide
  4. Specific examples and worksheets
  5. Authoritative, expert recommendations and detailed courses of action for any size company.

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