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The 4 Types of Buyers

Jonathan Farrington

Most people’s first reaction after reading the four profiles is to believe that they fit into more than one category and this is absolutely right. However, everyone has a dominant style and no-one should believe that they fit into more than two because they don’t. Let me explain why:

The Social Styles Model:


Note where each style is placed, because this is important. The people, with whom you probably find it most difficult to relate to naturally, are your diagonal opposites on the matrix. So you do need to study the characteristics of your diagonally opposite Social Style.

Now, what I can share with you, is that the majority of professional salespeople are Expressives; so clearly, they are going to find it most difficult to relate to and communicate with Analyticals. That is a challenge in itself, because there will always be at least one Analytical within the formal DMU!

What is even more interesting, is that Top 5% achievers (yes, a favourite term I know) are Drivers! So you see, they have no difficulty getting onto the same wavelength as Analyticals, because they are side by side and of course they have total synergy with other Drivers, plus, they relate well to Expressives. But, they have little in common with Amiables. Why is that so significant? Well quite simply, the Social Style that you are least likely to find in a boardroom is…….. yes, it’s an Amiable.

So, which Social Style do the various residents of the boardroom typically have?

Managing Directors are typically Drivers, as you might expect.

Finance Directors are usually Analyticals

Sales Directors are nearly always Expressives

Marketing Directors are also Expressives

Technical Directors are almost always Analyticals

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