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The 4 Types of Buyers

Jonathan Farrington

According to Merrill and Reid there are four personality types or social styles – Analyticals, Drivers, Expressives and Amiables – and all four have their own unique approach to business, their own language and thought processes etc.

As a consequence, the very best sales professionals have become adept at recognizing which personality they are dealing with and adapt their approach and communication style accordingly.

In every boardroom, you will always find three of the four personality types, occasionally, all four: I have discovered over the years which personality is likely to fill which position on the board but more on that later.

• Top 5% Achievers, are normally Drivers

• Sales Professionals, are typically Expressives

• Emerging salesmen and women are almost always Amiables

It is of course dangerous to generalise and there will always be exceptions, however based on my experience, I have very rarely been mistaken using this concept of personality identification.

The Driver…
The Analytical…
The Expressive…
The Amiable…