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Find the Pain. Make the Sale.

If you are involved in prospecting, then you will already know the challenges of persuading a prospect to give you the business.

Ultimately, there is a four-step process involved in buying that all of us follow:

1. We have to feel motivated to make a purchase, irrespective of its type or size.

2. At some point after we have become motivated to want to buy, we make a decision to buy.

3. Then, after we have made a decision, we want to feel convinced that our decision is the right one and at this stage we may seek approval and input from other people. Then we will make our purchase.

4. Finally, after making our purchase we seek reassurance.

Interestingly, if sales people have not nurtured newly acquired customers, this can result in ‘Buyers Remorse’ and the customer will get ‘cold feet’ and cancel their order.

Every step of this process requires careful handling, yet if the sales person lacks the ability to motivate their prospect to talk to them, let alone buy from them, the other steps become redundant.

According to a growing number of International “sales gurus” people are fundamentally motivated in two main ways…