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7 Cold Calling Secrets Even Sales Gurus Don't Know

Ari Galper

More and more e-mails are arriving in my in-box from people who hate cold calling. Here’s what they’re saying:

• “Cold calling terrifies me.”

• “The phone feels like a 10,000-pound weight.”

• “Every time I have to make a cold call, I freeze up.”

• “I feel like a fraud when I’m cold calling.”

• “I can’t take the rejection when I do cold calling. It just kills me.”

• “I’ve gone from top producer to ‘hermit’ because of my mental brick wall
when it comes to cold calling.”

Cold calling the old way is a painful struggle.

But you can make it a productive and positive experience by changing your mindset and cold calling the new way.

To show you what I mean, here are 7 cold calling ideas that even the sales gurus don’t know.