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Positive Affirmations For Salespeople

Positive Affirmations For Salespeople

Shane Gibson

Sales Creed

• I call my best prospects first

• Each and every call I make I start with an incredible level of positive expectation and prosperity I know that right now somewhere someone’s life is better and more prosperous because of my products and services.

• Every day and in every way I am continually improving and growing.

• The quality of contact is just as important as the number of contacts I make every day.

• My time, money, energy, ability, and reputation are my most valuated assets. I invest the assets with the right clients, prospects, associates and friends.

• I am disciplined and focused on today’s greatest opportunities.

• My financial and personal prosperity is a direct result of my positive contribution to society.

• I am open to receiving financial and personal prosperity and realize that by receiving I am allowing and helping others to contribute and give.

• In sales, business and in my personal life I am only handed challenges that I am capable of achieving.

• With faith, focus and follow through anything is possible.

• I am an effective and powerful presenter and sales person.

• My ability to listen and have empathy for others is only surpassed by my ability to truly understand the needs of others.

• When ever I negotiate with others I naturally see through their eyes and present solutions that meet our mutual needs and interests.

• My clear honest positive disposition makes me magnetic and charismatic.

• I always have the best interest of my clients and my team in mind when making decisions that will affect them.

• I am finding it easier and easier to constantly improve myself personally and professionally everyday.

• I keep commitments and only make commitments I am willing to keep.

• I realize that courage and momentum are created by taking action and I love to take action.

• Action today is exhilarating and reaffirms the true champion inside of me,

• Preparation, organization, and planning are part of the sales process and I am getting better and better at doing them.

• Being organized means less work, more efficiency and more time to do the things I am good at and love to do.

• I am already wealthy and prosperous.

• New positive habits and desires have started deep inside of me today.

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