Network at Your New Job

After you’ve successfully completed a job search, shouldn’t networking be the last thing on your mind? Not so, say networking experts. In fact, internal networking, right from the beginning, is key to maintaining the upward trajectory of your career. Here’s how to successfully launch your networking campaign at a new job. h4. Why Network from the Start? “When you start in ... Full Story

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    SalesHQ’s 10-Step Guide to a Career in Sales

    SalesHQ’s 10-Step Guide to a Career in Sales
    Thinking about getting into sales? Smart, very smart. Sales can be one of the highest paying professions out there. And it’s not just about the cash: Successful sales pros enjoy highly flexible hours, a high degree of self-determination, and the ability to rise quickly through the ranks. No surprise, then, that sales is a popular career choice. Of course, sales isn’t ...
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    Commission vs. Salary: Finding the Balance

    Commission vs. Salary: Finding the Balance
    Finding the right balance between basic pay and commission is crucial to rewarding salespeople, says Tom Washington If you have ever had dealings with a persuasive, perhaps forceful, salesperson, the chances are they were thinking more about the money they stood to earn from the sale than finding the right deal for you. But for many employers, having an engaged and ...
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    Six-Figure Sales Jobs

    Six-Figure Sales Jobs
    Want to make the most possible money in sales? Stick with service-related industries or market big-ticket, high-margin items sold to businesses, rather than consumers. And get into the field right out of college, because the chances of landing a six-figure sales job diminish as you age. Here’s a look at eight sales industries where your base salary and commissions could add ...
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    SalesHQ's Salary & Commission Center

    Get the Stats on Compensation in Popular Sales Careers What are people making in sales? How big a salary should I ask for? What kind of commissions can I expect? This guide will give you the inside scoop on what careers are paying. Advertising Sales Agent Advertising Sales Representative Inside Sales Representative Insurance Sales Agent Outside Sales Representative Pharmaceutical Sales Representative ...
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    Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate Sales

    Commercial vs. Residential Real Estate Sales
    Considering a career in real estate sales? In most markets, your first choice will be whether to sell commercial or residential properties. An entrepreneurial, aggressive salesperson can succeed in either, but there are some distinct differences you should know about. Residential is easier to break into, says Mike Winkeler, owner of RealtyPlusUSA, a St. Louis-based residential brokerage. "You can achieve success ...
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