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Hot Sales Sectors: Medical & Pharma

Hot Sales Sectors: Medical & Pharma

National Register, Sales Recruiters

Q. I am considering a career in pharmaceutical or medical sales. What can you tell me about the medical industry?

A. First of all there is a vast difference between pharmaceutical sales and medical sales. Most professional sales recruiters know that both the skill sets and the day-to-day routine of the sales representatives in these two disciplines are very different. In fact, many candidates erroneously believe that pharmaceutical sales is an entry into the medical sales arena. This generally is not the case. Most of our medical sales clients instruct us to exclude pharmaceutical sales candidates from their searches.

Here is a brief, generalized description of both pharmaceutical and medical sales. Many candidates love the pharmaceutical industry for the very same reasons that many candidates are disappointed with the industry once they get into it. One should make a decision to enter into this field with proper knowledge.

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