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Should Sales Performance Management be Pay-as-You-Go?

Should Sales Performance Management be  Pay-as-You-Go?


Callidus Software Inc. (NASDAQ: CALD), the leader in Sales Performance Management (SPM), announced today the industry’s first “pay-as-you-go” pricing option for its Sales Performance Management suite, the Monaco release. With the new option, customers can get the full-featured, best-of-class SPM solution suite with low entry costs, through monthly subscription.

“While conventional pricing models require substantial up-front investment, Callidus’ new pay-as-you-go model enables businesses to receive the full advantage of its market-leading SPM suite with dramatically reduced entry costs,” said Lorna Heynike, senior vice president of marketing at Callidus Software. “Through the new offer, our customers can avoid large-scale initial capital investments and bypass complex approval cycles required by traditional license models or multi-period contracts. We believe this will enable thousands of small- to medium-sized businesses to access our sales lifecycle management solutions and drive immediate improvements in sales execution.”

The new purchasing offer is available for deployments of up to 200 payees. Customers can subscribe on a month-to-month basis, with a 30-day cancellation option.

In an effort to drive down entry costs and increase time to value for its customers, Callidus has also recently launched Monaco Propel: a new, fast track implementation option that enables customers to deploy the Callidus SPM solution suite within six to eight weeks. The Propel offer enables businesses to quickly recognize the value of Callidus’ solutions at a dramatically reduced cost, with minimum risk.

Monaco Propel is based on a pioneering approach to accelerating time to value in SPM: pre-built best practices built over 14 years of experience with customers in multiple industries. Propel includes a re-usable library of compensation plan components, pre-built Excel data management templates, pre-built compensation statement reports and dashboards, and a library of sales on-boarding and communications workflows. The libraries enable businesses to meet and exceed industry standards for competitive advantage with a very short ramp up time. To learn more about Monaco Propel, please visit:

“In today’s environment of reduced spend and increased scrutiny on operating expenses, businesses need to focus on projects like SPM, which both position the business to move forward at an accelerated pace once companies begin to increase spend again and deliver a rapid return on investment,” said Ron Fior, senior vice president, finance and operations and CFO at Callidus Software. “Generally it’s prudent to avoid investing up-front in big projects that take one or more years to come to fruition. By the time the projects are implemented, in this rapidly changing environment, the business’ needs will have changed. The shorter time to value has been an ongoing trend with our customers and we are seeing the impact of the benefit of solutions like Monaco in our new implementations.”

Callidus Software’s award-winning solutions manage the entire sales lifecycle from on-boarding, to pay for performance, to talent development, while providing visibility into sales operations and financial performance. This gives customers the ability to align their sales force and channels with their business objectives to consistently and reliably execute on sales targets. The software is used by leading companies in a broad range of verticals including high-tech, telecommunications, banking, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. Since its inception nearly 15 years ago, the company has evolved into the most experienced, proven, and reliable SPM vendor in the marketplace. Callidus Software manages over $50 billion in incentives and compensation for more than 2 million payees in over 140 countries.

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