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Are We Starting to Care Less About Money?

Are We Starting to Care Less About Money?

A new survey by the advertising and marketing firm Ogilvy & Mather suggests we might be:

Among the study’s key findings is that “having it all” is an unrealistic goal with 75% of those surveyed saying they would rather get out of the rat race than climb the corporate ladder – and instead, 76% said they would rather spend more time with family than make more money.

Moreover, Americans are showing disenchantment with the pursuit of money with 75% again saying they would trade job security over a job that offered an opportunity for raises.

This probably due in part to the bad economy. A lot of people who pinned their happiness to money got burned—and realized they could find meaningful gratification in other ways. I just hope some of this wisdom sticks if, and when, the economy picks back up.

It’s nice not having the bulk of our Ivy League grads going straight into investment banking.

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