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6 Ways You Could Be Kidding Yourself In Your Career

J.T. O’Donnell |

So, now that you know the ways in which we use self-deception, the question remains, “What should we do about our avoidance of the truth?” As I mentioned earlier, Sommers suggests that while we should recognize how it holds us back, we should also understand it can be helpful too:

“Our real task, psychologically, may not be to banish self-deception but to make it work for us – to enlist it when we feel threatened and let go of it when we’re ready to face facts. Should we always evaluate ourselves in relation to those of inferior aptitude? No – we ‘ll grow complacent and develop an exaggerated sense of competence. But sometimes a dash of downward social comparison is just what we need to bounce back from failure. Or maybe the better-than-average effect will do the trick. Or a little rationalization.”

So, be honest. Which of the six do you use? Or, are you better than the rest of us and don’t use self-deception? Better still, what examples have you seen of self-deception by your peers lately? Why not do a little downward social comparison and share their stories below.

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