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6 Ways You Could Be Kidding Yourself In Your Career

J.T. O’Donnell |


Last, but by no means least, self-handicaping is when we chose to actually sabotage our own performance to ensure our ego stays in tact. The most common example of this is the student who stays out all night before the test. If they fail, they have an excuse, and if they pass, they get to brag about the accomplishment in spite of no studying. In the work world, people do this all the time too! Anyone who has put off a tough work assignment until the eleventh hour is guilty of this. In fact, I think self-handicaping is the most common way people hold themselves back from advancing in their career. It’s easy to validate a lack of career progression when we undermine our own efforts.

QUESTION: Have you ever justified an inability to move forward in your career based on outside distractions (ie. significant other, personal commitments, etc.)

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