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5 Part Time Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash

5 Part Time Jobs to Make Some Extra Cash


Maybe you’re around the corner from 30 and aren’t even half way through student loans. Or you bit off more than you can chew with the nice house everyone said you could afford. If you’ve cut back to absolute frugal basics and still find it hard to get by, you need to generate more revenue. This might mean getting a better job. These days it probably means you’ll need a part-time gig.

It’s important to realize this new working arrangement is temporary. You will not need to slave 80+ hours a week to make ends meet forever. The side-job is a means to the end of your self-induced debt slavery. These jobs may not need a college degree and you will feel somewhat humiliated in considering them_but you have a choice to make. Don’t fall victim to the “what will people think?” mantra so you can get out of that hole.

If you have a unique skill set_such as specialized computer knowledge or sales_making extra money via contract work may be the fastest way to generate more income. But for many of us, good old fashioned elbow grease is usually in order:

Pizza Delivery

Bring in an extra $600 each month for schlepping pizza pies around town. Yes, you’ll need to put a few miles on the car, but it’s only temporary. Look for gigs that will compensate your gas money to make the most of it. The gourmet or higher end pizza delivery companies will usually compensate better, plus you’ll get a better meal at the end of the night!

Wait Tables

Working nights and weekends pays big for servers. Plus you won’t have to hit the gym from the physical workout you’re getting at the restaurant. Aside from the, ahem, difficult patron you’re compensated appropriately in cash tips for your work performance. Get great tips on tips before applying.

In-Home Childcare

This is geared more for stay-at-home-moms who are looking to earn some extra dough while getting to spend time with the kids. Ask around at church or in your neighborhood for people needing to find childcare for their preschooler. Chances are they would rather sent Junior to someone they know and trust than a sterile 6-to-1 ratio at a day care. You get built-in companions for your children and the opportunity to bring in more money for something you’re doing already.


Talk about an easy, cash-only gig that lets you get a great workout. If you’re lucky enough to score a job in Las Vegas, valets earn up to $60,000 (working long hours, of course). In most areas you can make $10-$15/hour which is stellar for a part-time job with no requirements.

Newspaper Delivery

Early birds will love the quiet and solitude of a paper route. Finish by 7am and go about regular job. You can generally earn about $25 a day, which works out to $10/hour. Most delivery jobs require your own transportation and gas, but for the mindless ease and lack of annoying customers, a paper route is an easy bet.

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