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20 Worst Product Failures

Zac Frank and Tania Khadder

New Coke

Coca Cola

By the early 80s, Coca-Cola was losing ground to Pepsi-Cola. Americans seemed to prefer the sweeter flavor of Pepsi. Coke decided it was time for a taste makeover.

In April 1985, New Coke hit the shelves. Its taste was said to be “smoother, rounder yet bolder” than the original drink. And with the new release, the company halted production of its original formula. This was the company’s biggest mistake.

People were outraged they couldn’t get their hands on original Coke, and started boycotting the new product.

Coke had underestimated the power of its iconic brand, and America’s deep-rooted attachment to it.

Months later, they brought back the original formula. New Coke stayed on the shelves until the early 90s. But its only success was in teaching Coca-Cola a valuable lesson in branding.

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