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20 Worst Product Failures

Zac Frank and Tania Khadder



Nothing evokes nostalgia more than a familiar scent. But the iSmell is one product we’d like to forget altogether.

In 2001 DigiScents set out to create a computer-peripheral device designed to emit smells to go with sites visited or emails opened. The idea behind it was that the all-important olfactory experience was missing from internet use. A perfume manufacturer, for example, could embed a scent into a piece of advertising or their website.

The device held a cartridge carrying 128 different primary odors, and they’d be emitted in various combinations to create the appropriate scent.

The product never made it past the prototype stage, and in 2006, it was deemed one of the world’s 25 worst tech products by PC World Magazine.

At least it was appropriately named.

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