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20 Worst Product Failures

Zac Frank and Tania Khadder


Redux Beverages

A few years back, a Las Vegas company launched an energy drink that would turn heads and stomachs.

It was called Cocaine. It contained three times as much caffeine as Red Bull and it made no apologies for its shameless brand strategy. The font in its logo resembled a white powder. Its marketing language was rife with drug references.

Not long after its launch, the FDA pulled the drink from store shelves. They said Redux was illegally marketing its product as an alternative to street drugs, and that it had falsely claimed Cocaine could treat disease and act as a dietary supplement.

But even without the FDAs interference, Redux’s gimmicky energy drink was unlikely to withstand the test of time (and an increasingly skeptical consumer base). Sure, they could generate some buzz and make a quick buck, but what chance would they have had at longevity when retailers like 7-11 refused to carry it?

The product briefly re-entered the market with the oh-so-catchy name “Insert Name Here:” But like its predecessor, it too proved to be something to sniff at.

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