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20 Worst Product Failures

Zac Frank and Tania Khadder

Crystal Pepsi


It was the early nineties, and purity was all the rage. As health and wellness moved center stage, more and more consumers were picking up Evian and Perrier instead of cola.

In an attempt to snag a piece of the purity pie, Pepsi launched Crystal. Its new cola was clear, caffeine-free and a total failure.

It was hard for consumers to think of cola as a clear liquid. Which was not helped by the fact that Crystal didn’t taste like cola at all. In fact, no one really knew what it tasted like – just that it was not good.

Two years later, the product was pulled from the shelves.

But Pepsi didn’t give up completely on its quest for purity. Shortly after the clear cola fiasco, the company decided to get in on another, more widely accepted clear liquid market: bottled water. That went much better for them.

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