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Lipstick, Chocolate Are Top Treats in Tough Times

Lipstick, Chocolate Are Top Treats in Tough Times

Teri Green, Montgomery Advertiser

Breezing into a store and indulging in luxury items is probably not what you have on your mind right now. But wouldn’t it feel good?

Turns out, there are affordable treats out there that will leave you feeling absolutely decadent. They’re just a bit, well, smaller.

The economic forecasters behind the financial Web site Motley Fool reported earlier this week that they weren’t at all surprised when they learned lipstick sales had skyrocketed in recent months.

Like most financial experts, they were familiar with the “leading lipstick indicator,” a scientific measure of the sales of lipstick in trying economic times. The logic is that when money is scarce, women are more apt to buy (and less likely to give up) their lipstick purchases. They’ll splurge on lipstick even as they stop spending on high-priced clothing or jewelry.

It makes them feel better, and it doesn’t put a huge dent in their wallets.

The theory was the brainchild of Leonard Lauder, chairman of the cosmetics company Estee Lauder. And though it was based on mere speculation, it’s proved to be a pretty good gauge.

To sum up, Lauder’s statement was, “When things get tough, women buy lipstick.”

And when these women buy lipstick, he theorized, they don’t want the $3 discount tubes from the bargain bin at a discount store. They want the real deal – the over $10 and up stuff – usually in sleek packaging, always in some standout color.