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Second Interview Questions

Second Interview Questions

Dona DeZube / Monster

Congratulations, you’ve made it to round two of the interview process. What are you likely to face, and what are your best strategies for nabbing the job? Keep these tips in mind as you head toward the finish line.

• They’ll quiz you to see if you really know your stuff. Make sure you are prepared to answer more detailed questions. Also, make sure you’ve done research about the company.

• You’re likely to be introduced to potential coworkers. Try to make a personal connection with each of them.

• The second interview might include a meal. Be ready to display your beautiful table manners and breezy personality.

• They’re looking for a reason not to like you. This is not the time to get cocky, because there are three other candidates in the wings.

• At an interview that ends without an offer, try to close the sale by asking, “What’s the next step in the process?” Follow up with, “What’s the time frame for that?”

• Interviewers need to know you’re interested in their company. Always ask at least one related question: “When you financed that widget deal in Germany last year, how did you hedge your currency risk?”

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