Quiz: What's Your Money IQ?

Like a lot of people, youre probably getting a little nervous about the state of your finances these days. So how smart are you, exactly, when it comes to money matters? Find out!

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    Price of Putting Off Pension Can Be Well Worth It

    Price of Putting Off Pension Can Be Well Worth It
    Q. I have a pension that is available to me and I wonder about beginning the pension now or waiting. If I take the pension now I will get about $1,183 per month. By waiting, it increases approximately 7.5 percent each year to a maximum of $2,071 per month at age 65. I am not in need of the pension at ...
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    Tap Your Network to Ace the Interview

    1. Get Started “Before reaching out to your network, define the industry, the company or perhaps individuals you would like information about,” suggests Luna Zuniga, a senior technical recruiter with Bluware, an IT consulting company in Houston. Then think carefully about what you need to know about corporate culture, the job’s expectations, the boss, tidbits about the interviewer, etc. Are you ...
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    Top 10 Salesforces: Computer & Office Equipment

    Every year, Selling Power magazine’s research team ranks companies according to the estimated number of salespeople they employ - the 500 top largest sales forces. Click here to order the full directory. It includes the contact information for all 500 companies including the names of the CEO's and some of the top sales leaders in these companies. Get this one-of-a-kind directory ...
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    Write Off That Round of Golf, and Other Expenses From Your Sales Job

    Write Off That Round of Golf, and Other Expenses From Your Sales Job
    Commitment to your sales job sometimes requires digging into your own pocket to purchase a uniform or treat a client to 18 holes of golf. But such unreimbursed expenses can pinch financially, unless you learn IRS rules for deducting work-related costs from your taxable income. Fastidious record keeping and advice from a tax professional can also help mitigate the suffering. "Many ...
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Keeping Healthy: Tips for Businesses

Although Raynor Garage Doors in Dixon doesn't have any special plans for an H1N1 outbreak, it does have a plan to handle seasonal flu. The company offers seasonal flu shots and has posters hanging around the factory reminding people how to stay healthy, for example, by covering their mouths with their sleeves when they cough or sneeze, Human Resources Director Mary ... Full Story