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The Benefits of a Sales Education

The Benefits of a Sales Education

Drew Stevens

Did you know that 92 percent of most selling professionals do not have a proper sales education? Did you know that the lack of education could hurt prospecting and closing ratios? Unfortunately, many organizations spend little time and resources toward sales training. Many believe lack of time, and most importantly money, impact developing a proper training program. More importantly, when they do, many organizations spend more time on products/service and make training an event providing little return on investment.

Sales has become an increasingly important position in contemporary organizations, especially with the growing global economy. Many traditional companies, such as insurance companies and marketing firms, require effective sales training, but most organizations, including educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and for-profit companies, grow and thrive based on their ability to effectively sell their product or service to consumers and potential students. Simply put, nothing happens unless something is sold, so why not invest in the sales team?

Develop a Specialization

As the recession reverses, there will be an increased need to refocus energies on productivity and performance. Selling professionals will be pressed to make budget and exceed their quota goals. The only way to do this is with proper sales training. However, organizations will no longer provide as much organizational training due to budgetary issues. Additionally, managers and business professionals do not have the time. Education therefore will shift to a process approach with individuals being responsible for their education.

There are four methods for individuals to gain resources to help them each with their own values and limitations.