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20 Best Sales Books


Attitude 101

by John C. Maxwell

Attitude 101, part of the 101 series, is a short read but for someone looking to be a sales leader it is a good desk reference to remind you that your attitude, as much as anything else, can determine your success. Rich with stories about leadership and leadership failure, Maxwell efficiently lays out bad-attitude traps that you have to avoid.

While the book may seem like common sense, its value lays in easily keeping you focused on avoiding bad mental habits. Petty jealousy may not derive from your relationship with a client, but if you are obsessing over minor slights you will not be on top of your sales game.

Excerpt: Value people. Praise effort. Reward performance. I use that method with everyone. I even use a form of it with myself. When I’m working, I don’t give myself a reward until after the job is finished. When I approach a task or project, I give it my very best, and no matter what the results are, I have a clear conscience.

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