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20 Best Sales Books


Presentation Zen

by Garr Reynolds

To be great in sales, you need to be a presentation master. Presentation Zen is not a technical manual for PowerPoint, but a guide from a communications expert on how to create striking presentations that will leave any audience rapt.

Reynolds tries to break you of bad habits and approach your presentations differently. From preparation to design to delivery, this book will take you from an amateur presenter to an unquestionable professional.

Excerpt: Both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates use slides to complement their talks. The biggest difference, however, is that Jobs’s visuals are a big part of his talk. The visuals do not overpower him but they are a necessary component of the talk, not just ornamentation o rnotes to remind him what to say. Jobs uses the slides to help him tell a story and he interacts with them in a natural way, rarely turning his back on the audience.

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