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20 Best Sales Books


The Game

by Neil Strauss

This isn’t a book about sales, per se. But if a “chick repellant” can transform himself into a “babe magnet”, these strategies can make your worst products become best-sellers. Filled with abbreviations and acronyms, (AFC, “average frustrated chump”; HB, “hot babe”; PUA, “pick up artist”) Strauss lays out the FMAC technique, “find, meet, attact, close”. You’ll learn the “three second rule” (probably not what you think) and how to open a “call.”

The book is also a hilarious look into the world of pick-up artists. And it’s not just a book about fooling women. After seeing the misogyny of some of his fellow PUAs, he takes a hard look at what motivates men as well.

Excerpt: For years, nervous AFCs who were new to the community were told to take the newbie mission. It involved simply showering, putting on nice clothes, going to the nearest shopping center, and smiling and saying “hi” to every woman who passed by. Many AFCs found that this not only helped them overcome their shyness, but that some women actually stopped to talk.

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