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20 Best Sales Books


The Definitive Book of Body Language

by Barbara Pease

We all know that our body language can convey as much, if not more, information than the words coming out of our mouths. For salespeople, Barbara Pease’s The Definitive Book of Body Language provides two guides in one: how to master your own body language and how to read your clients’.

Synthesizing research in biology, psychology and medicine, Pease gives you scientifically grounded strategies to gain the upper hand in human interaction. The right handshake can literally and figuratively give you the upper hand. Legs can say more about intentions than any other part of the body. How you smile sends a message to clients.

Excerpt: Body language is an outward reflection of a person’s emotional condition. Each gesture or movement can be a valuable key to an emotion a person may be feeling at the time. For example, a man who is self-conscious about gaining weight may tug at the fold of skin under his chin; the woman who is aware of extra pounds on her thighs may smooth her dress down; the person who is feeling fearful or defensive might fold their arms or cross their legs or both; and a man talking with a large-breasted woman may consciously avoid staring at her breasts while, at the same time, unconsciously use groping gestures with his hands.

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