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Are You a Networking Expert?

In today’s marketplace, networking is an increasingly important skill. Find out if you’ve got what it takes when it comes to making connections!


Are You Ready for a Career Change?

Working 40 hours a week can be wearing on anyone, especially when you're stuck behind a desk. So how can you tell if you're just suffering from worker’s blues or need to find a completely different career? We’re here to help. Take this quiz to find out if you just need a vacation or really need to consider getting out.


Are You Ready for a New Job?

Find yourself in a career transition? Looking for a great new job? Find out if you’re in the right place to move forward with your career!


Career Personality Test

Looking for the perfect career? The answer lies in your personality! SalesHQ's Career Personality Test was developed by top PhDs to reveal the work traits you most often display. It will analyze your transferable skills, working style, personality type, and ideal employer. The test will also pinpoint your workplace strengths and direct you to a profession that best compliments you.


How Assertive Are You?

Say “yes” to the boss when you actually want to say “no?” Or do you stand up for yourself no matter what? Find out how assertive you really are!