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10 Best States for Sales Jobs

10 Best States for Sales Jobs

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It’s no surprise that sales pros are in demand. But some states need them more than others. If you are having trouble finding a job in your area, or you are just looking for a fresh start, these ten states are estimated to offer the most job growth over the next decade. From sunny California to bustling New York, there is a great sales job for you waiting in one of these ten great states.


IL Employment Facts

Estimated Employment, 2014
  • Sales Managers: 19,960

    Sales representatives, wholesale [except technical and scientific]: 83,800

    Sales representatives, wholesale [technical and scientific]: 20,820

    Advertising Sales:: 6,040

Top Rated IL Employers

Illinois is home to a robust manufacturing sector, with chemicals, machinery, plastics and rubber products, transportation equipment, and computer and electronic products. In addition, Illinois has a booming financial services sector in the Chicago area, and a strong energy sector.

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