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Insider Tips for a Powerful Insurance Sales Resume

Insider Tips for a Powerful Insurance Sales Resume

Don’t Worry About a Lack of Industry Experience

By Kim Isaacs | Monster Contributing Writer

If you’re considering a career in insurance sales or are an experienced agent interested in transitioning to a new insurer, there’s good news. Many major insurance companies, such as State Farm (the top home and auto insurer in the US), recruit for their agency force year-round and are always on the lookout for new talent.

Regardless of whether you’re an established agent or an aspiring one, you’ll need a resume that speaks to insurance companies’ needs. Follow the advice from State Farm agency recruiters to create a resume that will generate interviews and be sure to check out our sample resume here:

Spell Out Your Career Objective

“Be clear in your objective,” says Mark Welker, a 15-year State Farm veteran and agency recruiter since 2000. Welker advises candidates to be specific by including a title at the top of their resumes such as “Targeting State Farm Agent Opportunities in Oregon.”

Develop a Specialization

Don’t Worry About a Lack of Industry Experience

“Not having insurance industry experience isn’t really a big factor,” says Rickey Broussard, a central recruiting zone recruiter specializing in hard-to-fill positions. He explains that 55 percent of State Farm insurance agent recruits are from other industries. “We look for candidates who are coachable and willing to learn,” he says.

Integrity and sales ability are more important than a background in insurance, Welker says. “Attitude and enthusiasm are key,” he says. “We would rather hire someone with the right competencies and attitude versus someone with industry experience but who shows signs of burnout.”

Quantify Sales Results

Think numbers when it comes to your resume, whether that’s dollar amounts, percentages, sales rankings or some other figure. “Don’t just tell me you can do it; show me how you have done it,” Welker says.

If you have sales experience, make sure you:

• Include Revenue You Generated: If you helped propel your territory or company to record-high earnings, be sure to showcase that as well.

• Highlight a Track Record of Meeting Quotas: If you exceeded your quota, use a percentage to show how far above target you were. For example, “Routinely exceeded sales quotas, outperforming targets by as much as 165 percent throughout four-year tenure with ABC Company.” Also, be sure to include sales awards you’ve earned.

• Include the Number of New Accounts You Signed: You could also include the percentage increase in sales you delivered from your existing customer base.

• Use Numbers to Give Context to Your Sales Ranking: For example, “Quickly became a standout producer, with top 15 percent ranking among a 380-member sales force.”