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6 Ways to Turn a Job Fair into a Job

6 Ways to Turn a Job Fair into a Job

Steve Berman | SalesHQ

Tip No. 3: Be aggressively friendly

You don’t want to come on too strong or seem desperate, but job fairs aren’t for wallflowers. Quietly passing by each company’s booth and leaving a resume on the table isn’t any more effective than emailing your credentials to the hiring manager from home.

Along with paying attention to your clothes and hygiene, you need to make yourself memorable to the person(s) at each booth you visit. State your name, shake hands and let them know how much you appreciate the opportunity to speak them. Direct eye contact is a must, as well as a warm smile and upbeat personality. You’re selling yourself here. The job seeker afraid to be noticed is the first job seeker they’ll forget after the fair is over.

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