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10 Things to Include in Your Sales Resume

10 Things to Include in Your Sales Resume

Jeff Hindenach | SalesHQ

SALES FIGURES: Just because someone closes a lot of deals, doesn’t mean they are worth it. Some sales professionals are better at closing hundreds of smaller deals. Others are better at tackling a few huge deals. Let the money do the talking in your sales resume.

NEGOTIATIONS: Highlight any successful negotiations that you were a part of or that resulted in a high-end partnership. If your future employer can see that you have a silver tongue and an ability to pull in the big fish, they are more likely to call you in for that interview.

TITLE: Be clear about your titles and what they mean inside your specific company. A sales manager at one company can be more important than one at a different establishment. Include in your sales resume the most prestigious parts of your job description first, and then include the more menial tasks if there is room. Remember, be concise!

CLIENT RELATIONS: Give anecdotal evidence of how you interact with clients. Do you try to be their best friend? Are you a hard-nosed dealmaker? Do you try to relate to them on a personal level? How you interact with your clients can be a big factor in their decision-making process.

CLOSING STATS: The most important outcome for any sales professional is closing. Highlight your closing techniques and how successful they are in your sales resume. Give specific examples of your closing percentage and include a couple big deals that you may have had trouble with but eventually closed.

KEYWORDS: Along with having the right information, using keywords can also help for the hiring managers who skim resumes. Here are some keywords to include in your resume:

  • Successful Cold Call Percentage
  • New Business Development
  • Superior Client Relations
  • New Media
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Experience
  • Successful Sales Strategies
  • Lead Generation
  • Quota Numbers
  • Competitive
  • Superior Communicator
  • Sales Management
  • Business Strategy