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Resume Inflation

Lee Salz


Sales people have more titles than there are prospects in the world. I can’t keep track of all of them any more. However, those titles don’t necessarily correspond to responsibility. A small company may call their only sales person a Vice President while a large company may call a person performing the exact same role a sales representative.

While reviewing the resume, don’t limit your perusal to the title. Dig a bit into the responsibilities that the individual had. During the interview process, it is critical that you ask questions to understand the role and responsibility that goes with the title.

Where some companies get in trouble is they look to hire a senior sales person and don’t consider candidates with higher level (Vice President, for example) titles. It is important to analyze the responsibilities that the individual had in their capacity to see if this individual matches your needs regardless of what you call this role. If the resume is unclear about this, ask the candidate for details.

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