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5 Worst Job Advice Tips

Jane Allerton | The Monster Blog

#2: Take the Summer Off

So my top piece of bad advice received still has to be “take the summer off.” Somehow this suggestion of taking a 3-month hiatus from job seeking doesn’t suggest that the well-meaning friend really understands my position in life.

While it would be a dream to take the time off, having to be 100% financially responsible for my young sons, Owen and Evan, makes it clearly not an option. Then I get the funny look as if I had been reckless in the first place by having my children. Somehow that was even less of an option, and unbeknownst to many, I pushed off motherhood as long as I possibly could — until I was secure in my professional life. (Ha!)

Lesson learned: There is never a perfect time in life to have children from a “settled professional” standpoint. Moreover, the job market looked very robust several years ago. The tides have changed, and this summer is not the time-off one for me as I am using my savings.