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15 Networking Mistakes You Can't Make

Zac Frank, Tania Khadder, and Alice Handley | SalesHQ

Failure to Mobilize

You may think that the job search process is straight forward.

  1. See if contacts know of opportunities. Pursue those first.
  2. Look on sites like for jobs.
  3. Prepare resumes and cover letters.
  4. Submit.
  5. Wait.

You know to network at the beginning of the search process, but you should also be networking at the end. Even if you found a job through a posting, do a deep dive into your contacts to see if anyone has any connection to that company. A friend of a friend might work their already and you wouldn’t even know.

The least time intensive way to do this is Facebook. Search Facebook for the company. There might be a group associated with it or you might just come up with profiles of people who work there. Find them and see if you have any mutual friend. Then mobilize.