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5 Signs Your Résumé is Passé

Tania Khadder | SalesHQ

#1: You’ve forced it to fit onto one page.

You’ve reduced your font size to eight, eliminated margins altogether and left out key information about yourself, all to conform to that age-old “one page résumé” rule. Big mistake. After all, would a recent college grad really need the same amount of résumé real estate as someone who’s been in the workforce for 20 years? Of course not.

Don’t get me wrong: Your résumé should be concise. Recruiters are busy people – they don’t have time or the patience for long-winded career chronologies. But if your experience warrants two pages, by all means, don’t limit yourself to one.

It also is obvious if you have tried to cram everything into one page for the sake of it being one page.

But don’t take this tip lightly. Most people think they need to list every minute detail of their professional history. Do some heavy editing and if, at the end, you’re still over, stop worrying.