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Top Ten Signs You Shouldn't Leave Your Current Job

Top Ten Signs You Shouldn't Leave Your Current Job

Norma Pauline Mushkat Gaffin, Monster

Unsure whether you should keep your job or seek greener pastures? Instead of looking for what’s wrong in your current position, watch for these 10 signs that could tell you you’re fine right where you are.

1. You’re Happy

We’re not talking mere complacency here, but genuine happiness. If you’re happy, you’re going to be more productive, and that will impact the company’s (and your own) bottom line.

2. You’re Learning

You can race up the corporate ladder with agility, but if you don’t learn anything on the way, you won’t enjoy a lengthy stay. Anything you learn is another bullet on your resume.

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3. The Company Is Hiring

This is not the hiring you saw in the ‘90s, but rather the new and improved smart hiring that will help your company get to the next level. You want to see your employer putting new employees into positions that directly support the company’s goals.

4. The Company Listens to Its Workers

Employees are often a company’s most valuable asset. If processes don’t work or morale is low, the workers are the ones to know. But remember: Decisions are based on the big picture, which may include some facts every employee cannot be privy to.