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  • Making Your Most Important Clients Feel Special


    Many organizations do not know who their major accounts are. Certainly many of the people who manage the relationships do not know and even if they know, very few people understand why one customer is a major account but another one is not. A quic...

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  • Your Interview Perception vs. Reality


    In our work as recruiters, we clearly have experienced situations where what we see and what the candidate thinks he is presenting could not be farther from each other. For example, let's say Jeremy waltzes into our conference room and plops hims...

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    Sales Communication Quiz

    Communication is definitely the key to sales. Why is it that some seem to lose when they ...

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    How Do You Deal with Customers?

    Working with the public is always a joy, right? Okay, well, no, not really. But we’re sure ...

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    Are You Management Material?

    Find out if you'd be a good fit for a career as sales or marketing manager in ...

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    Are You a Natural Leader?

    Being a leader is a big part of being a sales pro. Taking control of situations to ...

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