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  • What Should You be Measuring? Insights From Sales 2.0 Conference


    *Pelin Wood Thorogood of Aegean Group* spoke about how Marketing can significantly increase the number of qualified leads with the same marketing budget. *Critical to success is implementing a culture of measurement*. She recommends tracking the f...

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  • What am I learning at the Sales 2.0 Conference?


    h4. Definition of Sales 2.0, as per David Thompson, CEO of Genius: Sales 2.0 combines customer-focused processes with Web 2.0 productivity technologies to enhance the art and science of selling while creating customer value. It's all about driving...

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    Sales Communication Quiz

    Communication is definitely the key to sales. Why is it that some seem to lose when they ...

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  • Istock_000005938710xsmall_sq32
    What Should You Sell?

    Are you a fast talking used car salesman? A sleek, well spoken pharma rep? Or could you ...

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  • Customermain_sq32
    How Do You Deal with Customers?

    Working with the public is always a joy, right? Okay, well, no, not really. But we’re sure ...

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  • Serverroom-100_sq32
    Are You Management Material?

    Find out if you'd be a good fit for a career as sales or marketing manager in ...

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